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LOS ANGELES Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani got some of the worst judges' comments in "Dancing With the Stars" history. But before we go to the bottom of the leaderboard, we'll start at the top.

Nicole Scherzinger and her partner, Derek Hough, tangoed their way to top, getting a "leg up" on the competition this week with the highest score of the season, 29 out of 30.

Two points behind them, Evan Lysceck and Anna Trebunskaya.

"Our fans wanted to see something romantic and so we wanted to give them that," said Evan. "And yes, it took some work throughout the week to capture that character because it's different. It's not like anything we had done before.

Jake Pavelka had never danced in his underwear in front of some 20 million people either. But at least this week's third-place finisher didn't have to worry about an embarrassing "wardrobe malfunction."

"I have something on that is just -- no man should ever wear," said Jake.

"You have a man-thong on," said Chelsie Hightower, Jake's partner.

"It looks like a T-back and it's in my butt," said Jake.

In fourth place, an unhappy Erin Andrews and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

"Apparently I need to take my pants off," said Erin.

Fifth-place finishers Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood had a "wow" moment in their quickstep that looked dangerous.

"I like that, I like danger," said Pam. "I like the element of that. When he told me were going to go over here and do this and I said, 'Oh, we are absolutely going to do that.'"

Tied for sixth, Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel, plus Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke.

"The judges were fascinated with my jiggly parts -- as they should have been -- and hopefully the rest of the world was, too -- hey!" said Niecy.

"They're picky about my frame and all this stuff," said Chad Ochocinco. "The quickstep is extremely hard. They need to focus on my feet. I have the best feet in the world right now, the best feet in the league."

The judges' scores and comments indicate the worst feet this week belong to Kate Gosselin, including: "I think Tony could have had more life after a frock on a coat hanger."

"Our show is about encouraging people to dance," said Tony. "It's not about destroying them."

When asked if the judges have encouraged her to just really "go for it" if she makes it into next week, Kate replied: "No, pretty much they've pissed me off, so that might really work, actually."

Kate says she knows she's improving every week.

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