Tips to pick perfect swimsuit for your body

LOS ANGELES "I know it's one of those shopping missions that's incredibly excruciating, even if you have a perfect, perfect body," said Elise Loehnen, editor-at-large at Lucky magazine.

Lucky's experts say shoppers should look for more than just trendy and stylish elements in their suits.

"The most important thing is to find one that's flattering and that you feel really comfortable and confident in, because that's sexy," Loehnen said.

One strategy is to shop at a place with a large selection of styles and colors, like Diane's.

"For every 10 bathing suits that you try on, most likely only one is going to work," Loehnen said.

Before you even hit the stores, Lucky suggests women learn what their body type is.

"If you tend to be slightly flat-chested, you want go for a top that has some ruffles. That's gonna create some volume. Also, bright colors and patterns will make you look a little bigger than you are," Loehnen said.

Another key to feeling great in a new bathing suit is to always emphasize what you like about your body. For example, if you want to accentuate your curves, look for a one-piece swimsuit that has ruching on the sides.

"It's sort of going to draw you in and create that hourglass figure that's so desirable," Loehnen said.

If women want to create the illusion of a smaller rear-end, think about trying on boy-short or skirted bathing suit bottoms. Also, mixing and contrasting colors can help de-emphasize your problem areas.

"If you're pear-shaped, you're gonna go for that ruffled, colorful, patterned top, but then you're going to choose a solid, minimizing bottom," Loehnen said.

Loehnen said athletic or boyish figures are the most string-bikini friendly.

"If you have an athletic or boyish figure, and you want to create curves. Look for a string bikini or anything that's high-cut in the leg," she said.

"Don't worry so much about the parts of your body you hate. Instead, you really want to augment the parts of your body that you love."

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