Disneyland gives passes to stranded tourists

ANAHEIM, Calif. The resort started offering passes to people who had requested them because their Europe-bound flights were canceled. Over the past week, tens of thousands of European flights have been canceled due to a large ash plume from the volcano that's hovering over Europe.

Travelers can get their free tickets to Disneyland Resort parks until Friday, April 23. The resort runs two parks, /*Disneyland*/ and /*Disney's California Adventure*/. However, you must provide the proper documentation such as your canceled airline ticket, expired boarding pass, and identification, to get the free tickets.

To get tickets, visitors can go to the booths in the esplanade by the Disney Parks or call Disneyland at (714) 781-7290.

Walt Disney World is also offering free passes to stranded travelers in Florida and Knott's Berry Farm is offering discounted tickets to stranded tourists with valid documentation.

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