'Dancing' celebs say learning curve is easier

LOS ANGELES "Each dance comes with a different set of challenges," said /*Evan Lysacek*/. "We analyze it and figure out right away what my weaknesses are. I have been doing exercises with my hips for the Rumba. I had to loosen my hips up."

One thing that most of the celebrity contestants have in common is that they seem to be learning the routines quicker and quicker each week.

Week to week to week it gets better. We are going to have to start learning two dances that have to be equally good," said /*Jake Pavelka*/.

"Yeah, we figure out the dance first day and then refine it," said /*Pamela Anderson*/. "I didn't know a sashay and so many weird things."

Even for NFL star /*Chad Ochocinco*/, whose height can make certain routines a bit of a challenge, says that things are getting easier for him.

"Depending on what we're doing I get to be fierce, but it is getting easier," said Ochocinco.

Out of all of the celebrity contestants, /*Nicole Scherzinger*/ says each week she feels as if she's starting over.

"I feel like I go back to square one every Wednesday," said Scherzinger.

"Dancing With the Stars" kicks off at 8 p.m. on ABC7.

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