'Letters to Juliet' opens doors for Chris Egan

LOS ANGELES It's a real pinch yourself moment, you know, now for me, i think, being here at the premiere with all my family and just to see their reaction," said Christopher Egan, Letters to Juliet.

Australian-born Christopher Egan came to Hollywood when he just 18-years-old. Now 25, he has his first big leading man role in the romance, "Letters to Juliet."

"I remember when I was young and watching movies and all those things that first inspired me so to be in this position, yes, I feel very lucky, very blessed," said Egan.

"Letters to Juliet" takes us to Verona, Italy where Romeo first met Juliet. There's a place there where women write to Juliet, seeking advice, letters that are then answered by other women. This film is about a lost letter that was found and answered more than 50 years after it was written.

"I think we all have those thoughts of looking back and, 'could have, would have, should have,' and that first love that we had and so, I know for me, that's where it really hit me," said Egan.

Vanessa Redgrave's character wrote the long ago letter to her first love. Now, she's on a road trip to find him with her grandson, played by Egan and a writer played by Amanda Seyfried. Along the way, new love may also be discovered.

Egan is already getting offers for new roles, which only adds to all of his excitement.

"It's really just living in the moment and taking everything step by step. I'm just excited about the opportunities that the film can bring," said Egan.

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