Search resumes for body of I.E. pregnant teen

RIALTO, Calif. Despite the alleged admission, the boyfriend appeared in court on Tuesday morning and pleaded not guilty to murder charges. It's likely the not-guilty plea was to give the defense extra time to review all the evidence. A preliminary hearing has been set for June 3.

Anyssia Escamilla never returned from Bloomington High School on May 11. When Fontana police questioned her boyfriend, 18-year-old Jesus Francisco Avitia Jr., he allegedly told them he killed her and put her body in the trash - trash that was collected and possibly dumped at a landfill in Rialto or Corona.

Local law enforcement and dozens of volunteers continue combing through the landfill in Rialto. According to Sgt. Billy Green of the Fontana Police Department, there are about 30 people sifting through the debris, and an additional 20 people supervising.

If the body is not found at the Rialto landfill, the search will move to the landfill in Corona.

Avitia is being held without bail, charged with two counts of murder - one for Escamilla and one for their unborn child.

Although police say they have a confession from Avitia, they are still unsure what the motive is for the killing.

Escamilla was three months pregnant when she went missing, and she also had a 3-year-old son from a previous relationship. The Escamillas said because their daughter already had a child from a previous relationship, her boyfriend's parents did not approve of him dating her, and at one point, their relationship was kept secret from them. They had been dating for about a year.

The victim's family described the suspect as nice and quiet.

"He seemed to be a very nice little boy. I didn't see anything wrong with him," Priscilla Escamilla said.

Police said the search for a body at both landfills could take several days.

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