Newt Gingrich endorses Meg Whitman for gov

LOS ANGELES Meanwhile, her challenger, state insurance commissioner /*Steve Poizner*/ is disputing the latest numbers which show Whitman is ahead by double digits.

Former EBay Chief Executive Officer /*Meg Whitman*/ got a giant color poster in her honor as she toured Super Color Digital in Irvine.

With the Republican primary two weeks away she is emphasizing her plans to create jobs. At a Republican women's luncheon in Palos Verdes, her opponent Poizner was doing the same thing.

"There's over 900 different taxes and fees in California, on a per person basis we pay fifty percent more in taxes here in California than most of the other western states no wonder people pick up and leave," said Poizner.

"We've got to cut taxes to inspire and help companies hire more people," said Whitman.

In a new Eyewitness News poll Whitman has surged to a 27-point lead over Poizner. A poll done for the campaign indicates a similar leap in voter support for her. A few weeks ago polls showed a single-digit lead.

All this as billionaire Whitman continues to spend her own money trying to become the Republican candidate for governor, spending a record amount. She says it has been required to get the message out.

"I don't think you can buy elections. I think voters are really smart. I think they have the ability to sort through all the television and ads and all the things that happen," said Whitman.

Poizner ignored the latest poll numbers in his speech to the Republican women. The multi-millionaire former Silicon Valley businessman doesn't believe the latest poll numbers.

"The reason why the numbers are surging and this campaign has gotten to be a horse race is because I'm setting the record straight, we're getting our message out," said Poizner.

Whitman spent more than $68 million of her own money on the campaign. Poizner has so far spent $24 million. There has never been anything like it and it's not over yet. The general election isn't until November. The question is: How much is the governor's office worth?

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