L.A. County supervisors join city's AZ boycott

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES It came down to the vote of Supervisor /*Mark Ridley-Thomas*/, whose district is mostly African American and Latino and some of his constituents voiced their opinion.

The grandmother of murdered teen Jamiel Shaw Jr. was in tears as she spoke to the Board of Supervisors.

"But you don't know what it feels like to see your grandson laying on the ground full of blood," she said.

Jamiel Shaw Jr. was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant who was released from jail.

"My son would be a live right now if Arizona's law was in effect in California," Jamiel Shaw Sr. said.

There were emotional statements on both sides of this controversial issue as county supervisors prepared to vote on a boycott of the state of /*Arizona*/.

"This law sanctions at a state level the racial profiling and discrimination that has been happening for years in Arizona, at the hands of bad actors like /*Maricopa County*/ Sheriff Joe Arpaio," Arizona boycott supporter Angelica Salas said.

Many people went to the board meeting to attack the new law that makes it illegal to be in Arizona without proper documentation. Several times during the meeting the discussion got so heated that people had to be escorted out.

"Arizona's transparent attempt to fashion its own immigration policy, much as California did back then, recalls for us the still raw and tragic memories of inflamed racial politics," Mark Rosenbaum of the /*ALCU*/ said. "When a state sought to usurp sovereign federal authority by imposing its solution to complex national issues."

County officials say they will be looking into whether they can cancel future contracts with state of Arizona and work to eliminate and existing contracts with the state.

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