Selleck flexes comedic muscles in 'Killers'

LOS ANGELES "Killers" is an action filled comedy, but Tom Selleck plays a character who stays grounded, and is cool as a cucumber.

"The humor in my character was the fact he's an overprotective dad and he is as serious as a heart attack," said Selleck. "A guy who's impenetrable like that is where I thought the humor was at. People seem to think he's funny which I'm thrilled about."

Selleck was also thrilled to share many scenes with co-star, and one of the film's producers, Ashton Kutcher.

"We knew that we needed somebody that you would take serious with a gun in his hand," said Kutcher. "We needed somebody who is larger in stature, because I'm a pretty big guy. To have somebody that was dominant in frame was really important."

Selleck may dominate in some ways, but he readily admits his co-stars have him beat when it comes to one thing: technology.

"I have a cell phone, but I memorize the numbers and punch them. I don't like to pre-program. I don't know how," said Selleck. "I can't turn on a computer. And as far as Twitter, you know, it's a noise a bird makes."

Selleck's schedule is full right now. He's about to start a new TV series, and continues starring in and producing his "Jesse Stone" series of TV movies.

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