Sanchez under fire for immigration law comment

LOS ANGELES The congresswoman's surprising comments have lit up conservative talk radio and television. The charges, that white supremacist groups are behind Arizona's new law, have filled the switchboards in the Washington offices of Linda Sanchez and her sister, Loretta.

Democratic /*U.S. Representative Linda Sanchez*/ made her controversial statements to a Long Beach Democratic club. They were recorded by a reporter.

Linda Sanchez told them it's been documented that laws like Arizona's are promoted by white supremacist groups.

"It's not mainstream politicians, they're being approached by front organizations for white supremacist hate groups that seem like they're legitimate and actually propose the language of these bills," said Sanchez as she spoke at the event.

Eyewitness News tried unsuccessfully to get an on-camera interview with Sanchez. She issued a statement Thursday to attempt to clarify the issue.

"I've never said that everyone who supports the Arizona law (/*SB 1070*/) is a racist or white supremacist. Anyone who says different is just trying to inflame the issue," said Sanchez in her statement.

There have been rallies both supporting and opposing the law. California Republican candidate for governor /*Steve Poizner*/ supports it. He condemns Sanchez's statements.

"That's just a terrible thing to say. That is wrong. That is demagogue-ing a very serious issue for political reasons. She's absolutely wrong," said Sanchez.

/*Arizona Governor Jan Brewer*/ met with President Obama at the White House Thursday.

"We agreed to try to work together in order to find some solution," said Brewer Thursday.

The Sanchez audio is courtesy the Whittier Daily News.

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez went to a softball game at Whittier College Thursday afternoon. College security personnel blocked the entrance and kept reporters from approaching Sanchez. She left through a back exit.

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