Sentencing delayed for SD student bank robber

SAN DIEGO, Calif. Nineteen-year-old /*Evan McGehee*/ cried openly in court, as a judge delayed sentencing so he could undergo a psychological evaluation.

McGehee, a former /*Torrey Pines*/ High School student, admitted to authorities to robbing four banks in North County.

Friends say he did it out of desperation. At the time of the robberies, he was reportedly going to high school and living in his car.

His family's home was destroyed in the 2007 /*wildfires*/, and with his stepfather terminally ill, his mom had gone broke paying for medical bills.

"I know in my heart Evan is an outstanding kid. He is kind and compassionate, and he's smart, and he loves to help people," said Hortencia Moore, a family friend.

McGehee's lawyer is requesting probation instead of the possibility of more than six years in prison.

His new sentencing date has been set for September.

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