Cool Kid uses blankets to give kids security

LOS ANGELES Gabby Enriquez is a Cool Kid who makes blankets for children that are in need. The idea to provide blankets actually came from a highway mishap.

"She was devastated when she saw her blanket on the freeway. Her stuff was all over the freeway. She was crying. It hit me then that kids love blankets. They want security," said Gabby.

Gabby began her "Knot for Love" program which organized volunteers to make knot blankets for places where children were especially in need of that security.

"Domestic violence shelters, the homeless shelters, they're always left at the bottom of the food chain," said Gabby. "So, I decided that's where it was going to go to."

Gabby says that hearing from those that she helps gives her all the reason to tie more knots.

"Just saying how awesome it was and how much they loved it and a couple of people are telling me, 'Oh, you're doing such a great thing, inspiring so many kids and telling them that everything is going to be OK,'" said Gabby.

The feeling of caring for children will definitely be part of Gabby's future career.

"I plan on being a pediatrician. I love kids and I think it's really shown through the project, because it is mostly for the kids," said Gabby.

A blanket can mean warmth and security for children. Our Cool Kid Gabby Enriquez does what she can to get that to them.

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