'Eclipse' actors appreciate their loyal fans

LOS ANGELES Actors /*Peter Facinelli*/, /*Jackson Rathbone*/, /*Billy Burke*/, and /*Julia Jones*/ are all grateful to the fans of "Twilight."

In the beginning, none of the stars knew the impact Stephanie Meyers' saga would have on pop culture. Now with the third installment ready to hit theaters, they are well prepared for the fan frenzy, but more importantly they don't mind spending time with their fans.

"I'm humbled every time. The fans are so supportive and so wonderful," said Facinelli. "For us to be able to come back and spend an hour with them and say, 'Hey, we care about you guys too.' That is why we are here."

In "Eclipse" fans will finally get to see the vampires and werewolves in full action. Rathbone, who plays Jasper Hale, says that the fans will really be able to sink their teeth into the latest Twi-film.

Rathbone has been in all three films and says that the cast owes their success to the loyal fans. "Anything I can do for them because they've done so much for us in our careers, in our films. If it wasn't for their love and support, we wouldn't be here today."

Burke, who plays Charlie Swan, feels the same way.

"The fans of these movies have been nothing but gracious in giving to us, so I'm happy to do anything we can for them," he said. "The reality is that if we didn't have these people who are so rabid about wanting to see these movies then we wouldn't be here so I get it."

New to the "Twilight" story is Leah Clearwater, played by Jones. Getting used to the attention that automatically comes with being associated with the Twi-films has been somewhat of a challenge for the actress.

"It's overwhelming and exciting. I can't quite place it," said Jones. "They're so sweet, so compassionate, grateful and positive. It is almost like having, I don't know, some kind of support system. Like, if I'm having a bad day all I have to do is meet some fans."

The new film hits theaters on June 30. You can watch a live stream from the red carpet of the L.A. premiere for 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' at OnTheRedCarpet.com starting at 5:30 p.m. PT.

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