Masseuse accuses Al Gore assaulted her

The woman, who is a massage therapist, claims /*Al Gore*/ sexually assaulted her in a Portland, Oregon, hotel room nearly four years ago.

In an interview with police she describes Gore as "a crazed sex poodle." The 54-year-old says she's has DNA evidence that will prove her claims.

The woman claims a sexual assault occurred at a posh Portland hotel in October 2006. In an interview with police, the 54-year-old describes her surprise when she realized her client was the former vice president.

"When I began the requested abdominal work on him, he became somewhat vocal, with muffled moans, etc. He began demanding that I go lower and massaging on the abdominal area," the woman said in the interview.

The allegations first broke in the "National Enquirer," which says the woman requested a million dollars for the story. The magazine says it did not pay her.

The massage therapist claims she kept a pair of pants with DNA evidence to prove her tale.

Portland police have released an audio recording of her interview with a detective in January 2009, two years after she cancelled three previous appointments with authorities.

"He further insisted and acted angry, becoming verbally sharp and loud. I went into much deeper shock as I realized it appeared he was demanding sexual favors, or sexual behaviors," said the woman in the interview.

According to transcripts of the interview, the woman says Gore grabbed her hand and shoved it toward his private parts. She claims Gore kept trying to have sex with her, fondling her breasts and buttocks.

"I squirmed, trying to get out of his grasp, telling him to stop several times, and I finally told him, I said, 'You're being a crazed sex poodle,' hoping he'd realize how weird he was being, yet he persisted," said the woman.

The entire alleged incident lasted three hours. The woman says she was paid $540 for the massage.

The shocking allegations come less than a month after Gore and his wife announced they were separating after 40 years of marriage.

Friends of the alleged victim say she is now hiding out in fear since her allegations have been made public.

"She's afraid for her life. She's scared because of who he is," said Donna Burleigh, a friend of the masseuse.

Al Gore has not responded to the accusation. Portland police say they have investigated the case three times over the last few years, but so far have not found enough evidence to file any charges.

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