400-calorie meals that keep taste buds happy

LOS ANGELES A small, lean 3-ounce burger with lettuce, tomato and bun, and a big slice of watermelon is about 400 satisfying calories.

A bit more panache for homemade lunch is a deli ham and low-fat cheese Panini. Add greens with balsamic drizzle and a cup of melon, and the meal comes in at 343 calories.

Rather than a slice and a salad, consider making a salad pizza using greens, tomatoes, and goat or feta cheese, with a sprinkle of nuts and olive oil balsamic drizzle. Add a small glass of wine, and your meal comes to 410 calories.

We know kids are keen on corn dogs, but big kids like them, too. A 6-inch corn dog is a whopping 380 calories.

The /*Starbucks*/ grab-and-go section has moved well beyond scones. The Power Protein Plate offers fruit, cheese, hard-boiled egg and peanut butter for 370 calories. The meal can be easily washed down with a frosty 0-calorie iced tea.

/*Subway*/ also keeps things skinny with their 6-inch Veggie Delite. Get the multigrain bread and add a bag of Baked Lay's and apple slices, and your meal equals just five calories shy of 400.

When planning that getaway, there's no sense in loading up on high-fat fare at the airport. /*McDonald's*/ has Grilled Chicken Snack Wraps for 260 calories. A bottle of water and a 130-calorie Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait without granola keeps you under 400 calories.

/*Quizno's*/ combo of chicken noodle soup with Pesto Turkey Bullet comes in at 390 calories.

With Panera's Pick Two program, you can have half a cheese-free Sierra Turkey Sandwich with fat-free Chipotle mayo, a cup of black bean soup and a bag of Baked Lay's for a mere 320 calories.

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