Airport janitor allegedly peeped on women

ONTARIO, Calif. Airport police allege they discovered a cell phone set up inside a tissue dispenser in a stall to take pictures.

It was traced to Steve Aragon, a 40-year-old janitor from Chino Hills.

On Monday, neither police nor airport employees would provide further details.

"That's crazy," said Tiffany Caulfield of Washington D.C. "I just came out from the restroom. I hope there wasn't anything in there today."

For an offense of this sort, Aragon would get a misdemeanor citation. He is free without posting bail, but the investigation is just beginning.

"I think you need to be smart," said Karen MacLeod of Wildomar. "In a restroom, you need to look for something like that. It doesn't surprise me."

According to the /*San Bernardino District Attorney*/'s office, prosecutors will want to know what was done with the pictures and if children were photographed too.

"I am concerned because she has to go into the bathroom by herself," said Gary Burniske of Bogota, Colombia. "Especially me as a father and having a little girl with learning disabilities and travelling with her by herself."

But some women said they are always on the watch for prying eyes.

"There are a lot of little devices these days," MacLeod said. "Who knows what and who's looking at you anywhere, so we all need to watch out."

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