Officers fire at car burglars in Buena Park

BUENA PARK, Calif. Undercover officers from the Buena Park Police Dept. were working undercover at Knott's Berry Farm to catch suspects allegedly breaking into cars.

Police report a spate of high-end car break-ins at Knott's Berry Farm and Medieval Times parking lots over the previous week.

Undercover officers spotted a gold Chevy Astro van fitting a suspect vehicle description.

Officers witnessed two suspects breaking into three vehicles in the Knott's Berry Farm lot. The suspects were observed stealing a row of back seats from Cadillac Escalade. Back-row seats from other high-end SUVs were reportedly stolen in previous break-ins.

As police moved in, the suspects got in the van and fled. Officers fired at least one shot, but no one was struck.

The van fled at a high rate of speed as police pursued. The suspects drove into a cul-de-sac at 8755 Holder St., exited the vehicle and ran away. One suspect ran into a residence and was quickly apprehended. A second suspect was captured at a nearby elementary school hiding in a bathroom. The school was not in session.

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