'Sorcerer's' special effects are 'perfect'

LOS ANGELES "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" is a special effects-filled action adventure about a young man who finds out he's got sorcerer in his blood.

Jay Baruchel plays the apprentice and Nicolas Cage, his teacher. And if the young wizard can't find his magic mojo, we're in trouble.

"I am the guy to save the world. Let there be no doubt. I can do it. I can come and save the day," said Baruchel.

"There's no question that he was the right guy. Plus, you can't be a magician and be overweight. So he was exactly who we wanted," said Cage.

The director wanted to make sure the special effects in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" came off picture perfect.

"The goal of special effects is to tell your story and to entertain. And they have to be relevant to your movie," said director Jon Turteltaub. "So what you do is you pound away at all the artists to let them know what the tone of the special effects need to be, style of the movie, what they're supposed to feel like -- not just what they're supposed to look like."

And there is a lot to look at, which pleased producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

"I don't want your butt to hurt. I want to get you in and get you out, entertain you, make you laugh make you feel something and have a good time," said Bruckheimer. "A nice family picture like this will do that because the kids, you know, the kids get very anxious. They want to get in, have a good time, scream and holler, eat a lot of candy and go home."

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice" is rated-PG.

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