Charlie Sheen pleads guilty to Aspen assault

ASPEN, Colo. The "Two and a Half Men" star arrived at the courthouse in Aspen flanked by his legal team and security. Sheen was wearing a suit and sunglasses, chewing gum and smiling. As he made way past the media, he blew kisses and then flashed the peace symbol. On his way into court, he said he was feeling great.

Under the terms of the deal, the actor will receive a 30-day jail sentence, but he will not spend it behind bars. Instead, the sentence will be administered and executed at Promises, the famous rehabilitation facility to the stars in Malibu.

Sheen will be placed on three months unsupervised probation and 36 hours of anger management. His attorney said the sentence will not interfere with the production of the his hit TV sitcom. Sheen will be back in Los Angeles and back on the set of the show on Tuesday.

"He's grateful and thankful to be able to put this behind him," said Sheen's attorney, Yale Galanter. "He's anxious to get this sentence over with and complete his probation."

Colorado prosecutors dropped a felony menacing charge and a criminal mischief charge in exchange for Sheen's plea on a count of misdemeanor assault.

Brooke Mueller Sheen had told police that the actor threatened to kill her after she told him she wanted a divorce. She said he straddled her on a bed with one hand on her neck and the other hand holding a knife.

Charlie Sheen told police he and his wife had argued but denied threatening her. He told officers they slapped each other on the arms and that he had snapped two pairs of her eyeglasses in front of her, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Some believe Sheen got off easy.

"I will tell you, the people here drove a hard bargain," Galanter said. "There was nothing easy about this sentence."

The executive director of Peace Over Violence, Patti Giggans, said rehab is not the way to address the issue of domestic violence.

"Sometimes serving time in jail is a real wakeup call for people who don't take these situations seriously, especially for someone who's had prior experiences with committing violence," Giggans said.

Attorney /*Gloria Allred*/ and her client, former police officer Valerie McFarlane who responded to the couple's home after Sheen's wife called 911 on Christmas morning, held a news conference outside the courthouse in Aspen following Sheen's sentence.

"I wish that the judge could have seen what Mrs. Sheen looked like on that Christmas Day and felt the terror that I believe she must have experienced as a result of what she alleged she had suffered because of Mr. Sheen's conduct towards her," McFarlane said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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