'Lottery Ticket' cast tries luck at Scratchers

LOS ANGELES It's about a young man with a winning ticket who hits it big, and then what happens because of it.

But Cube as a grandpa? Really?

"You know, I wanted to play somebody outside the box, outside of what I've been doing for years," Ice Cube says.

/*Bow Wow*/, who plays the lead, hopes "Lottery Ticket" is his ticket to movie superstardom.

"I'm just on a roll," Bow Wow says. "I just want to be the next /*Will Smith*/. That's all I want to be."

"I'm very happy," says actress Leslie Jones. "This is my very first movie premiere and I'm excited. This is Hollywood."

Co-star Brandon T. Jackson was thrilled to see Diddy "in the house," but Diddy, who has a clothing line, had this line for me: "I'm always watching your style."

The cast then tried their luck at scratching real lottery tickets:

Actor Arlen Escarpeta picked his scratcher first.

"Mom, I won!" Escarpeta said. "You get that long-long-awaited /*Starbucks*/ you wanted!"

Escarpeta was $4 richer, but he wasn't the only star who hit the jackpot. Ask Bill Bellamy's wife, Kristen.

"I won!" she said. "I don't know what I won, but I won!

Said Bill Bellamy: "Oh my God! We won $2!"

Then Jones struck gold: "I won a dollar! Oh my God! I'm rich!"

/*Ice Cube*/ wasn't left behind when he picked a red hot scratcher:

"Hey, man, give me my ticket!" he said. "$3, baby! I won! I won! We going to /*Disneyland*/!"

"/*Lottery Ticket*/" hopes to be a winner at the box office when it opens next Friday.

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