TVs sold for $1 at 99¢ Only Store in Artesia

ARTESIA, Calif. The ecstatic nine people at the front of the line held out their dollars, waiting to get their 19-inch flat-screen LCD TV.

Martha Ruiz, who was the first person in line, said she is going to be giving her $1 TV away.

"I have a TV, and I know someone that doesn't have one, so I'm going to donate it to them," she said.

Ruiz said she stood in line since Wednesday at noon.

The next 99 customers will receive a scooter for 99 cents, and the chain will continue to offer specials though next Wednesday.

The grand opening of the store, located at 11732 South St., comes with the 28th anniversary of the first /*99¢ Only Store */ opening back in 1982.

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