Residents complain of 405 construction noise

LOS ANGELES The project is creating a 10-mile carpool lane along the 405 Freeway. Construction is scheduled to last for another three years.

Metro and Caltrans officials met with unhappy residents on Thursday. Project managers say they're doing their best to keep noise under control.

"Some of the homeowners that complain, it's not necessarily the major construction. It's sometimes these vacuum trucks we use to do some of the significant excavation around utilities. They're pretty noisy, too," said Michael Barbour, Metro project director.

"The noise is really great. It's been measured at 72 on a 24-hour average in my backyard, which would cause temporary hearing loss if you're exposed to it for an hour," said Bill Darling of Westwood Hills.

Darling is referring to 72 decibels.

Metro said it is monitoring the noise to make sure it's not above the regulatory level of 86 decibels.

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