Review: 'Switch' is predictable, but enjoyable


The best friend, played by /*Jason Bateman*/, gets so drunk at the insemination party he drops the donation and then secretly replaces it with his own.

Seven years later, he meets the boy who sure is a lot like him.

Newcomer /*Thomas Robinson*/ makes his movie debut here. Trust me this kid is one to watch, he's just a natural.

/*Aniston*/ doesn't veer much off familiar acting territory for this film, but what she does, she does well, and I bet women feeling that biological clock ticking will connect with her character.

The real discovery here is Bateman.

He's impressed me in a number of supporting roles, but, it turns out, this guy is a really good leading man.

"/*The Switch*/" is a little edgy, but not much. It's also a pretty simple story, you won't need a high school diploma to understand it or to figure out what's coming next.

The best way for me to describe this movie is with the word "enjoyable." I smiled, I laughed, and I liked the cast. When it all ended, I was not surprised a bit by what plays out, but I was satisfied.

"The Switch" also features /*Jeff Goldblum*/ and /*Juliette Lewis*/ in supporting roles.

If you just need a break from a tough week at work, this is a film that doesn't require any heavy thinking --unless the alarm on your biological clock is about to go off.

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