Fruiti Pops recalled for typhoid risk

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. Several cases of typhoid fever were linked with Goya Foods brand mamey pulp, a frozen fruit pulp used by Fruiti Pops to produce their own mamey-flavored popsicles.

"There's no proof we received any contaminated product. Because Goya was so broad in their recall we just went with the safest option," said Junior Aguado, whose family has made Fruiti Pops in Santa Fe Springs for 30 years.

The mamey-flavored popsicles were the least popular of the Fruiti Pops line and accounted for only one percent of sales, according to Aguado. He believes the recall of 10,000 popsicles took all of the product out of circulation.

Dr. Jonathan Fielding of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said there have been two confirmed cases of typhoid in Los Angeles County but they were not linked to Fruiti Pops. He said at least one of the victims may have gotten it from contaminated mamey pulp that was used in a smoothie.

Typhoid fever is a type of salmonella poisoning that can be fatal if not treated quickly with antibiotics.

Goya Food will reimburse Fruiti Pop for all of the recalled popsicles and mamey pulp. Fruiti Pop plans to throw out all of its current stock of mamey popsicles and frozen pulp.

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