New 'Dancing' cast is excited, but nervous

LOS ANGELES /*Florence Henderson*/, 76, is this most seasoned celebrity on the hit ABC show this season. To win the mirror ball trophy, she plans to use her 50-plus year showbiz career to her advantage.

"You learn to work with intelligence and patience," said Henderson. "I think I've learned that although I'm still very eager and I will overdo, but I think that's the advantage of experience."

The "Dancing" women this season also include: /*Margaret Cho*/, /*Audrina Patridge*/, /*Jennifer Grey*/, /*Bristol Palin*/ and /*Brandy*/.

Cho says this show will be an entirely new experience for her and plans to do the best she can. Patridge says she is excited to show a different side of herself, but like Cho is nervous and will give it her best shot.

Grey had passed on the show in the past, but finally gave in.

"Then all of a sudden, it felt like something I absolutely had to do," said Grey.

Palin says she is looking to shake off some of her shyness.

"I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and I'm just going to enjoy myself," said Palin.

Stepping out of their comfort zone seemed to be a theme amongst the female celeb dancers. Brandy says she had always been afraid to do the show and that had to end.

"My fear of doing 'Dancing With the Stars' was so strong I had to do it," said Brandy.

On the guy side, former L.A. Laker star /*Rick Fox*/ will be suiting up to dance and he's going all out.

"It has been eight years since I've had a trophy in my hand, except the 'World's Greatest Dad' my kids gave me last Father's Day," said Fox. "I can't ignore that one, but I do miss competition."

Also dancing with a competitive nature is former NFL quarterback /*Kurt Warner*/.

"I am definitely nervous," said Warner. "I mean, how can you not be nervous doing something you've never done before?"

Actor /*Kyle Massey*/ on the other hand is not so nervous.

"What I'm going to bring to the show is high energy, fun and a party on the dance floor," said Massey.

You'll also see singer /*Michael Bolton*/ and /*Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino*/ from "The Jersey Shore."

They couldn't attend the announcement where one star said he's ready to give a thousand percent.

"It's like jumping out of an airplane. You just hang onto your partner and hope that chute opens," said actor /*David Hasselhoff*/.

"Dancing With the Stars" premieres Sept. 20.

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