Dad runs 24 hours to raise funds for school

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. "It hurts really badly," Burke said. "I just kind of have to get in that mode. I have to stop thinking about how much farther I have to go and just think about where I am right now."

His journey started noon Sunday.

His goal was to run for 24 hours back and forth from Hermosa Beach to Manhattan Beach in hopes of raising money for his daughter's school, which is now facing a $670,000 budget shortfall.

"I just hate seeing all these programs being cut and all these teachers being cut and I thought, what could I do?" Burk said. "Something outside the box. Something people haven't seen before that can grab their attention and get them to reach into their pockets a little bit."

"I think that it's pretty cool that he's raising money for my school," said his daughter, Halle. "I think it's crazy, too. I tried to run a lap and I can't believe he's running for 24 hours."

Burke has had companions along the way and has been able to break for food, water and the bathroom, but stopping is not an option. He has another goal to reach tonight: breaking a world record.

"The /*Guinness World Records*/ for 24 hours on sand is 62 miles," said Burke's friend, Yishai Horowitz.

"I think we might crack a little bubbly, at that point just to celebrate it a little bit," Burke said.

Burke is planning to run nearly 100 miles by noon Monday. But more importantly, he's hoping people will come by and show their support.

"After the first seven or 10 hours, it just becomes a state of mind," Burke said. "It just kind of works, you know? Things just go."

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