Detectives unraveling mystery of found skull

IDYLLWILD, Calif. The Riverside County Sheriff's Department is trying to piece together the mystery of how the skull ended up where it was found and to whom it belongs.

The skull was found on May 18, about two miles east of Lake Fulmor on Highway 243 when a driver on his way home stopped along the road to go to the bathroom.

"While he was doing this he saw something that appeared to be a skull. He notified the sheriff's department and we immediately responded to the location," said Sgt. Joe Borja, Riverside County Sheriff's Dept.

Detectives have put together a rough sketch of the victim based on the shape of the skull. They said it was likely a white or Hispanic male, somewhere between 20 and 40 years old. But hair and eye color remain unknown and they probably won't be able to get a DNA sample. They do have some dental record which could assist in identification.

Because only the skull was found, it is difficult for detectives to determine when exactly a crime occurred.

"When you just find the skull, it's hard to determine when that skull made its demise," said Borja. "But we do have other techniques - we go through missing person's reports, any other incidents that may have occurred that we're missing people for whatever reason and we try to work our way backward."

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