Pomona Police warn of 'Grandma Scam'

POMONA, Calif. In "Grandma Scams," seniors typically receive phone calls from individuals claiming to be a relative in distress and in immediate need of money. Detectives say the caller will pose as a grandchild by disguising their voice then use various stories to appeal for funds.

Pomona Police say the callers may say they're on vacation, but have lost their wallet and need money to come home. Another scam is the caller might claim to be in jail or involved in an accident and need money to pay for legal or medical fees, police said. The caller will then try to convince the victim to send or wire money to a phony bail bondsman, attorney, or other third party to pay for their expenses.

Pomona Police are urging seniors to protect themselves from the "Grandma Scam" by confirming the information with a trusted family member and the law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where the incident is taking place.

For further information, residents are urged to contact the Pomona Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit at (909) 620-2318. To report a crime call the Pomona Police Dispatch at (909) 622-1241.

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