Wet, windy weather returns to SoCal

LA CRESCENTA, Calif. The weather system moving into the Los Angeles area is bringing steady downpours in some communities.

In other areas, it has been light enough to make the roadways slick, but not enough to make people run for cover.

"It's nice and breezy, kind of drizzling," said La Crescenta resident Knarik Nazaryan. "It's very unusual to see people are not shopping. Usually the shopping center is very busy."

Some people don't mind the rain at all.

"I turned off my sprinklers, save a little money on my water bill, the plants love it," said Charlotte Alanizi of La Canada.

Residents expressed concern that heavy rain could bring back the mudslides that created so much damage last year.

"I'm scared because we used to have flooding," said Siri Miller of La Crescenta. "Every year we've had some serious flooding here."

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