DNA leads to suspects in unsolved O.C. murder

SANTA ANA, Calif. In June 2000, Gladys Romero, 33, allegedly posed as a door-to-door fruit salesman to gain entry into Juan Gomez's /*Santa Ana*/ home. After entering the home by asking for a glass of water, she let her brother, Alejandro Romero, inside.

Armed with guns, the brother and sister duo allegedly tied up Gomez and his family members in the living room. Gomez was able to break free from his ties and confronted Alejandro Romero. During the struggle, police said both siblings shot Gomez, stole a purse from the home and fled the scene.

Police said Gomez died at the scene. His family members eventually freed themselves and dialed 911.

On Sept. 30, Gladys Romero was convicted on a misdemeanor charge. DNA retrieved from that charge matched DNA collected at the crime scene in the Gomez household 10 years ago.

The DNA and other corroborating evidence led detectives to both Alejandro and Gladys Romero.

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