Friends of 'Dancing' celebs drum up support

LOS ANGELES We are half way through this season of "Dancing With the Stars" and with the competition getting tight the celebrities are doing all they can to get those votes.

They are relying on family members and sometimes ex-teammates to drum up support.

Former NBA star /*Rick Fox*/ has called on his good friend Shaquille O'Neal to use his influence to get Fox some votes.

"That's a lot of love," said Fox. "You know, we got some championships together and he hasn't forgotten me."

O'Neal sends out tweets to his three million followers encouraging them to vote for Fox.

But it isn't just pro basketball players who are rallying the locker room crowd.

"I'm trying," said former NFL star /*Kurt Warner*/. "There are some boys out there that play in the NFL. So I'm gonna hit some of those guys up and see if they can help me out."

Singer /*Brandy*/ is getting plenty of help from her very own little brother.

"Ray J is one of the reasons why I'm doing this show," said Brandy. He's like, 'You gotta do it.' So, you know, he's definitely on Twitter as much as he can to tell everybody to vote for his big sis."

And for a couple of competitors, there's a political bend that has them stumping for votes with the online crowd.

"Hopefully my mom is," said Bristol Palin. "I don't follow Twitter or anything like that, but hopefully she's out there tweeting for us."

Disney star /*Kyle Massey*/ says he's confident he is getting support.

"This one guy sent out a message to, like, the country and it was /*President Obama*/. He is the president of the United States," said Massey. "He told people to vote for Kyle Massey, or something like that."

The contestants perform either the Paso Doble or Tango on Monday, in addition to participating in a group Rumba.

See which celebs shine. You can catch all of the action starting at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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