Fitness apps: Get fit 'on the download'

LOS ANGELES "I was always try to find ways to inspire my clients. They would always come in really stressed out and I thought, "How can I make this more fun?" said trainer Christine Hazelton, owner of KOR Health and Fitness in Los Angeles.

Her answer was to make clients play fitness games, which led to creating BodyFate, which is now a phone app.

Many fitness applications have great visuals and they'll show you how to do the move as well as count the number of sets and repetitions. But this one is different because it challenges you to a game and dares you to get in shape.

You pick the trainer, the amount of time, fitness level and tools available, then the game sets up your fate.

Find you don't want to do a move?

"In the process, sometimes you don't want to do something. You can make a deal with the devil," says Hazelton.

Which then requires you spin the "Wheel of Torture."

"You have to pay the devil back for the deal that you made," says Hazelton.


"You may be forced to do a 2- to 3-minute wall-sit, which is horrific," says Hazelton.

BlackBerrys and Droids are out of luck, but BodyFate is available for iPhones for $2.99. And you can check it out online. This app is a treat for those who can't afford a trainer, gym membership and don't have access to much equipment.

"They could have nothing. They might have a set of stairs. They might just have a couple of towels," says Hazelton. "Who knows what they have at home, or perhaps they're traveling."

And for those who need to mellow the mind and body, you'll find "Yoga in Bed."

Yoga professional Naomi Call created Yoga in Bed for her clients that claim they don't have the time once they're at home.

Her $6.99 program offers demo video along with instructional text and still shots to help you breathe, stretch and meditate in as little as 15 minutes a day.

And those who simply have to have music to move will love the Tempo Magic Pro application.

"It's a music app called Tempo Magic Pro that is perfect for fitness enthusiast and instructors," says fitness professional Petra Kolber.

Kolber says Tempo Magic Pro music app is a disk-jockey in the palm of your hand.

"You can import your favorite songs into Tempo Magic and adjust the beat or the tempo of your music to match the stride of your workout perfectly," says Kolber.

For just one song or an entire playlist, it can manipulate music faster or slower, a real money-saver for those who have music they like that needs a beat adjustment for their workout of the day. Crank it up or slow it down. To the tune of $4.99, your favorites can play to the speed of your workout.

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