Family of 3 found murdered; relative in custody

MARTIN, OH Ottawa County deputies say William Liske, 24, killed his father, stepmother, and stepbrother. The victims have been identified as William Liske Jr., 53, Susan Liske, 46, and Derek Griffin, 23.

Susan's younger son, Devon Griffin, 16, found the three victims dead shortly after 2:00 Sunday afternoon in their Ottawa County home on SR 2 just beyond the Lucas County line. Mark Mulligan, Ottawa County prosecutor, says, "Devon went to the home before he went to church. I understand he got some clothing appropriate to go to church in and left for church, saw the suspect there, but then came back from church and the suspect was not there." Detective George Byington says, "We know he did not see his parents or his brother and he never checked on them at that point."

Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton says, when the teen did find the family, he first thought it was a joke scene left from a Halloween party.

The 911 call sheds some light on what Devon saw when he came to the house.

Caller: "Devon, where's the blood?"
Devon: "(inaudible) on the bed."
Caller: "In their bed. He said it's in their bed."

Devon Griffin called his aunt who called 911. The teen says he came home and found blood everywhere.

Caller: "Oh my God."
Dispatcher: "Lori?"
Caller : "I don't know (inaudible ) in the bed, he's dead. He's got to be dead."
Dispatcher: "Okay don't touch anything, Lori. Okay? Don't touch anything."

Police arrested William Liske, 24. Police say he killed his father, stepmother and stepbrother. Investigators believe the victims suffered wounds to the head. Mulligan says, "It was apparent there was trauma to the head of each of the victims. The nature of that trauma is being determined now."

Sheriff investigators say they're still trying to piece together what made Liske snap. Detectives charged him with murder.

Investigators have not determined a motive and have not announced the cause of death. Liske was arrested Sunday evening in Carroll County near the Pennsylvania border, 170 miles away from the home. He was transported back to Ottawa County. No word yet on when Liske will face a judge in Ottawa County.

Deputies say Liske's family members were avid hunters and had multiple firearms in the home.

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