Baby left alone in IE marijuana grow house

WILDOMAR, Calif. An abandoned baby was found next to an indoor marijuana farm hours after his teenage mother was arrested on a burglary charge.

The 9-month-old boy was found in a house with an indoor pot farm. The mother had been arrested and the babysitter had left. The boy's mother faces serious charges.

Not wanting to say anything and facing very serious charges, two men believed to be Zachary Anderson and Conrad Munoz walked past an Eyewitness News camera into the Wildomar home where the baby was found by sheriff's deputies two days ago.

Riverside County Sheriff's deputies say the infant had been left alone in its crib for at least four hours.

"The child already was soiled, appeared to be dehydrated and dirty at the time, in no condition a child should be left in," said Riverside County Sheriff's Sergeant Joe Borja.

John Paul Hernandez, 20, was supposedly watching the child Monday night. While he was at home, the child's mother, 18-year-old Jordan Womack, was apparently out partying with Anderson and Munoz.

Deputies say a couple hours after midnight, the three of them were arrested at an Albertsons store, charged with burglary, conspiracy and being under the influence after they apparently broke into the place and stole alcohol.

Womack then told sheriff's deputies her child was at home with a babysitter, but deputies say no one answered the door after numerous attempts.

It wasn't until the next day, Tuesday night, that the child's grandmother called the jail, worried about her grandchild.

Upon entering they found a handwritten note left by Hernandez saying he had to leave because he didn't want to miss class that night.

Deputies also found the baby alone in its crib. They say the baby was found just a few feet away from a marijuana-growing operation.

"It was within feet of the child's crib," said Borja. "The child was able to breathe in any of the fumes it created from that, any of the heat that's generated, and due to the fact that the child was left alone for at least four hours we know of, it could have been a potentially dangerous situation."

The homeowner, Joel Spinks, 42, was arrested.

Spinks, Womack, Hernandez, Anderson and Munoz are all facing charges.

The baby is in the care of Child Protective Services.

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