Freeze warning issued in Antelope Valley


Freeze warnings mean there could be subfreezing temperatures that can damage crops and other vegetation.

It was breezy and only 30 degrees in Palmdale early in the morning.

It has been very windy across Southern California lately, especially out in the Inland Empire, where the wind caused a lot of damage.

The wind was gusting around 60 mph in Chino on Thursday, causing a massive pine tree to fall, split in half and crash down on a house. The tree damaged the house and knocked down power lines.

Ontario and Upland were some of the other spots battered by the Santa Ana winds. On Friday, another wind advisory was issued for the /*Inland Empire*/ until noon.

Parts of /*Los Angeles County*/, especially areas below the canyons, will also be windy.

Some people in Palmdale said they don't mind the drop in the mercury.

"One thing I like about up here is that we have our extreme heat, which I enjoy for a short while, and we'll have extreme cold for a short while. For the most part, it's really good up here," said Don Patnode.

One construction worker said that his crew will have to hold off on some paving until the temperature warms up to about 50 degrees.

"We can't do some of the work we do when it's too cold. The guys work in extreme heat and cold weather all the time. You just get used to it," said construction worker John McGee.

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