Michael Jackson video game available soon

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. Michael Jackson may have died more than a year ago, but the Jackson revenue stream is going strong. A new album from the King of Pop is set to be released in December, and a Jackson duet with Akon will go on sale Monday.

And then there's this: Later this month a brand-new Michael Jackson video game will hit flatscreens around the world. It's called "Michael Jackson: The Experience." It works on the Wii game system, essentially putting players right in the middle of Jackson's best-known music videos.

"He has like amazing iconic dance moves and we are able to learn in playing this game," said Brooke Hattabaugh, marketing representative for Ubisoft. "You just hold the controller in your right hand and you just mirror the choreographer. You can play as Michael Jackson or you can play as one of his uh, background dancers."

Of course it makes sense for the game publisher to have an attractive woman demonstrate the dance moves. But there's only one reason for a man in a suit to do a story like this. And that's so a lot of people can see a man who can't dance, dance.

"Oh man I got to step up my game," said Hattabaugh. "There's no really age limit. I was at a big gaming event where we showed it off and there was like grandmas out there. It was very cute."

Well, grandmas may be cute. But middle-aged reporters are definitely not the target audience for this game.

Pony up the 50 bucks this game costs and you can join in on more than 25 Michael Jackson songs, hopefully in the privacy of your own home. That might be the price, though, you have to pay to learn the answer to one of life's burning questions: I am "Bad."

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