OCDA warns of violent sex offender's release

SANTA ANA, Calif. The suspect, Lawrence Joseph Brown, 52, was convicted of kidnapping and forcible sex on two Santa Ana girls, ages 7 and 8, in two separate assaults. Sentencing enhancements were added to the convictions due to the violent nature of the crimes.

Brown was released on parole in April. He was free for several days before he violated his parole. He had registered as a sex offender in Santa Ana but lived with a girlfriend in Tustin. Tustin Police were never notified. On May, 6, 2010, only 10 days after being released from prison, he was violated on his parole and sent back to state prison.

The OCDA has requested that Brown be classified as a Sexually Violent Predator so he would be civilly committed, according to the OCDA's office.

The OCDA's office says the state Department of Mental Health has not responded to the classification request in a timely manner.

Brown is scheduled to be released Wednesday from Chino State Prison. He's scheduled to be released into Orange County.

"A dangerous, violent sex offender will be a free man to walk the streets of Orange County and prey upon our children. Lawrence Brown -- the boogie man of every child and parent's' worst nightmare. Our community can't afford to be exposed to this type of danger," stated Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas in a statement released Tuesday.

The state Dept. of Mental Health released a statement Tuesday: "The Department of Mental Health utilizes independent evaluators who are specifically trained and licensed as psychologists or psychiatrists to conduct evaluations of individuals to see if they meet the legal criteria of a sexually violent predator. The Department continues to fulfill the screening, evaluation, and notification expectations as outlined in law (Welfare and Institutions Code 6600). The Department is required to make specific notifications depending on the outcome of an evaluation, and we fulfilled this obligation," wrote Public Information Officer Jennifer Turner.

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