Woman chases down thieves, gets stuff back

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. Elizabeth Pittman said she went out to her car and saw two men breaking into it.

She walked up to one and tapped him on the shoulder and asked what he was doing. He took off.

She went after him, chasing him down for nearly three blocks. Then she told him to hand over whatever he had stolen.

"He said he didn't take anything, but you know, I didn't believe him. They were in my car. So I asked him to empty his pockets, and he did. He ended up giving me his cell phone and a pocketknife," said Pittman.

She used his cell phone to call police. Officers quickly arrived and arrested 21-year-old Ester Knight.

In retrospect, Pittman said she should not have chased the burglars. Police officers agree, and said it's best to go back inside and call /*911*/.

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