Coach of the Week: Jon Ellinghouse

CHATSWORTH, Calif. "I think everyday in our life we're faced with an opportunity to quit or to not do something or to take the easy way out," Ellinghouse says. "You probably face that in every down of a football game."

When coach Jon Ellinghouse laid the foundation to the program in 2007, they played eight-man football.

"The most difficult part for us was when we started the program we had six kids show up to our first practice," Ellinghouse says. "We've gotten some great players that have joined the school and have done a great job here. We've got a great coaching staff and we're proud of what we've been able to accomplish in the first couple of years."

With a student body of just over 300, Sierra Canyon is ranked No. 1 among small schools in the state.

The high academic standards fuel success Friday nights.

"There's no doubt that we're able to throw more at these kids than most other football coaches around because these are bright kids that are doing great things," Ellinghouse says.

"Definitely, time management is a key thing we have to learn here as student athletes," says linebacker Caleb Nickelson.

There are only five seniors on a Trailblazers team that won eight straight to start the season and is putting up 41 points per game.

"If you told me I was going to compete in the CIF championship I would have thought you were joking," said wide receiver Shane Harrison. "But where we are today, I love my teammates and I couldn't thank them more."

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