Garth Brooks won't tour for a few more years

LOS ANGELES Brooks recently enjoyed entertaining his fans on "/*The Oprah Winfrey Show*/," stopping by for the talk show host's final season.

"She was a dream, everybody there very sweet. Everything she's shooting is just, it's real emotional and it's neat to be a part of it at this time," said Brooks.

He took time away from a busy schedule that includes first and foremost his "dad" duties, plus continuing his sold out shows at the Wynn Las Vegas.

"The Vegas gig is going very well, they're treating us unbelievable and the truth is it's the easiest gig on the planet. I can do it for the rest of my life. I love it," said Brooks.

But for those fans who are hoping he may one day go back out on a concert tour, you'll have to wait a few more years.

"Our youngest is freshman in high school, we got another four or five years. I'll be turning 49 in February, so I'll be 53 or 54 when the album and the tour comes out, if it does. And if there's a place for us, I would love to tour again," Brooks said.

The country star has also been busy working behind the scenes, serving as executive producer of a new TV movie based on his 1991 hit song, "Unanswered Prayers."

"For any of the Garth fans out there, or people that might be a fan of 'Unanswered Prayers,' if you like the song, you're going to love this movie," said Brooks.

And being in the producing game is something he plans to continue.

"I just want to keep doing the stuff that feels good to my soul and my heart. So this is the second movie in 15 years of our production company," said Brooks. "This is the second movie we've ever done and both of them feel really, really good. And if that third one comes tomorrow great, if it takes another 10 years, it's worth the wait."

So in honor of this Thanksgiving season, what is Brooks most thankful for?

"Everything is about your children's health, that's it. If your children are healthy, nothing else matters. But on top of that, thank God my children are healthy, I'm married to most incredible person on the planet and life is definitely good," said Brooks.

Next month, the singer will play nine benefit concerts in Nashville. The more than $3 million raised will go to help victims of the devastating flood that overtook much of Tennessee earlier this year.

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