Frigid temps put some in festive mood

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. Mike and Christine Doring shopped for the perfect Christmas tree.

The Santa Clarita couple, originally from Denver, braved the cold to buy their noble fir and they wouldn't have the weather any other way.

"I remember a couple years ago we were buying our Christmas tree and it was 90 degrees outside and that didn't quite feel right, but cold weather just feels good," Mike Doring said.

But the wild winds whipped up trouble across Southern California, especially in the Inland Empire.

A frost advisory was issued at midnight Tuesday in the Inland Empire.

In Mira Loma, small trees snapped to the ground, while palm trees were seen almost blowing over in Riverside. Dust and tumbleweed were blowing on the freeways.

When it's windy, drivers in high-profile vehicles are urged to be careful on the freeways.

The wind also makes it difficult for people who have to work outside. Richard Lann, owner of Richard's Mobile Detail, said the wind makes it harder for him to wash vehicles.

"It takes a little bit longer. It takes a little bit more water. Your hands get kind of frosty and it's just very cold. If the wind would go away, it's a perfect day," said Lann.

There are no reports of any significant damage or power outages in the Inland Empire due to the strong winds.

Along with the winds, Southern Californians are dealing with some very cold temperatures.

A cold and dry air mass will cause cold temperatures in the inland valleys late Monday night through Tuesday morning with areas of frost possible.

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