IE workers learn new job skills

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. In an economy that has slowed, a once empty machine shop is buzzing again. It's a classroom where unemployed workers are learning new job skills.

"We can actually take the students and train them in high technology manufacturing specializing for direct industry need in today's market of manufacturing," said Dr. Bill Clarke, a director with Technical Employment Training.

This past July, Technical Employment Training Inc. was launched with the idea of getting people in the Inland Empire back to work.

Chris Bento was one of 30 students chosen to participate in the 6-month-long program. A former granite counter installer, he's been out of a job for a year now.

"I am getting a new skill and a new trade that is going to be very good for my future. I am looking for a career to make a home," said Bento.

San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board gave the school $190,000 to develop students in the manufacturing trade since the area is home to more than 300 manufacturers who are in need of specially trained workers.

The skills the students learn here will earn them two national certifications in machining that will lead to high tech manufacturing jobs down the line.

Joseph Quattrochi Jr. is learning to build a prosthetic leg which he will use himself. He hopes it, and the training, will get him back on his feet again.

"At this moment I am disabled but hopefully with the knowledge I get somebody will take a chance and think that I am as good as I know I am," said Quattrochi.

The hands on training these unemployed workers receive today will be hopefully turn into jobs they can count on for years to come.

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