Swiss Post cuts off WikiLeaks' bank account

GENEVA A Swiss Post official told The Associated Press that the account under /*WikiLeaks*/ founder Julian Assange's name would be canceled.

Assange applied for the account in November, claiming he was a resident of Geneva.

Over the weekend, the online payment service provider PayPal also cut off the website's account. Assange is now limited to using a Swiss-Icelandic credit card processing system to fund the site.

Also, Assange may be considering seeking asylum in Switzerland.

Assange, an Australian living in Britian, is wanted in Sweden for alleged sexual offenses against two women.

He's already relying on a Swiss group to host WikiLeaks, which continues to post secret documents.

Meantime, WikiLeaks released a cable over the weekend from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that calls donors in Saudi Arabia the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.

Also, the site released a cable showing that the 2009 hacking attacks against Google were ordered by China's top ruling body.

The leaked documents show a member of the Chinese leadership demanded the action against Google after looking up his name on the search engine and finding articles criticizing him.

The Associated Press Contributed to this report.

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