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Man wears unwashed jeans for 15 months

January 20, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
A college student in Canada wore a pair of jeans for more than a year without washing them.At first, Josh Le, a student at the University of Alberta, was just trying to break in a pair of raw denim jeans so they'd fit perfectly.

Raw denim is stiff at first because it is not pre-treated.

Le wore the jeans nonstop for 15 months. Eventually, they failed the sniff test.

"It was really bad because when I opened it up there was a big waft of stink that hit me," said Le.

Le's textile professor swabbed the jeans for bacteria just before they were finally washed.

Another swab was taken two weeks later.

As it turns out, the bacteria counts were the same and the jeans were just as dirty after two weeks as they were after 15 months.

By the way, one way he got rid of the odor was by putting them in a freezer for a while.