Cool Kid provides comfort for those in pain

MISSION VIEJO, Calif. "When you get injured, it's a lot mentally with your injury. And I feel like if they have something to hold onto when they're not feeling very well that it makes them feel better and helps them recover faster," said Rosenblum.

Her idea for "cuddly comfort" was inspired by a need in her own family.

"When I was younger, my brother was actually in and out of the hospital a lot. So I would give him a bear and he would love it. And it basically made me want to do it even more," said Rosenblum.

She has been collecting and donating these stuffed animals since she was 4 years old. Rachel's Hug-a-Bears started close to home and has now spread far, far away.

"We once donated all the way to Israel, a Hadassah hospital there. It made me feel even better that I was able to touch kids not only in California, not only in our country, but all the way around the world," said Rosenblum.

This 14-year-old has done so much already, but she wants to do so much more.

"Right now, we're a nonprofit organization, so I'd love to continue that after college and make it bigger and better and help as many kids as possible," said Rosenblum.

When a child needs a "furry friend'' it is from the real heart of our /*Cool Kid*/, Rachel Rosenblum.

To make a donation or get involved with Rachel's Hug-a-Bears, click here.

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