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'Superman' producer goes missing in Mexico

February 2, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Ilya Salkind, executive producer of three "Superman" movies, has not been heard from in three days.

A business partner says he hasn't been seen or heard from the 63-year-old movie producer since Sunday around 8 p.m. in Mexico.

James Buccelli says Salkind left for Mexico City last week to take care of personal business.

"The reason we're concerned is he hasn't used any of his credit cards for anything," said Buccelli. "When we last spoke to him, he didn't seem, it seemed like there was some type of an emergency. We got cut off from him. We have not heard from him since. My belief, his medication is still at the house. So he would have taken that if, you know, he planned on going somewhere without telling anybody, and that's not like him at all."

Buccelli says Salkind has visited his getaway home in Mexico City many times in the past and has never gone for several days without being heard from.

"One of the things that first came to mind, you know, being held for ransom or kidnapped or something like that," said Buccelli. "We thought foul play could be involved, just because Ilya is such a huge producer. However, we haven't received any type of ransom notes, through any parties. We haven't received any strange phone calls."

Buccelli says the movie producer's family wants to remain quiet for now. He says Mexican authorities have been notified and are helping to search for Salkind.

To aid in that search, Buccelli has set up a website with pictures and information about the missing movie producer.

Unconfirmed reports were received Thursday afternoon that Salkind had been located in Mexco.