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Charlie Sheen fired from 'Two and a Half Men'

Actor Charlie Sheen held a live webcast on Saturday night from his mansion, which he calls 'Sober Valley Lodge.'

March 7, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Actor Charlie Sheen has been fired from "Two and a Half Men" effective immediately, Warner Bros. Television announced in a statement on Monday.

The studio said the decision was made "after careful consideration," and a decision has not yet been made on the future of the hit sitcom.

The actor, who has used TV, radio and social media to create a big megaphone for himself, was not silent for long.

In a text to The Associated Press, Sheen responded, with the F-word and "They lose," followed by the word "Trolls." Asked if he planned to sue, Sheen texted back, "Big." As for his next move, Sheen texted, "A big one."

In an interview with Los Angeles radio station K-Earth, Sheen reiterated that his behavior, as bizarre as it may seem, is not a violation of his contract with the show.

"There's no moral clause," Sheen said. "I came back super, uber prepared."

Asked if he would sign a moral clause in a contract, he said, "Hell no. They should. They have no morality."

The show had been suspended from production Feb. 24 after Sheen made controversial remarks about the show's producer, Chuck Lorre, during a radio interview.

"I'm dealing with fools and trolls," Sheen said."[Lorre] mistook this rock star for his own selfish exit strategy, bro. I embarrassed him in front of his children and the world by healing at a pace that his unevolved mind cannot process."

Since then, the 45-year-old actor has attacked the show's producers in multiple TV interviews.

"I've got a whole family to support and love," Sheen said in an interview with ABC News correspondent Andrea Canning. "People beyond me are relying on that. I'm here to collect. They're going to lose. They're going to lose in a courtroom, so I would recommend that they settle out of court."

Sheen's words of late have caught the Internet by storm. A Burbank company is looking to piggyback off Sheen's popularity.

Internships.com has paid Sheen to post a tweet that says he's looking for a paid intern.

"He tweeted his request for an intern and within 34 seconds, we had 10,000 clicks on that tweet, which is pretty spectacular," said the site's CEO, Robin Richards.

But some public relations experts say America's appetite for Sheen's ramblings could be fading.

"I think we're going to get tired of it," said Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman. "We like watching a train wreck and we keep seeing this train rounding the corner, two wheels on the tracks. But if it doesn't crash soon, we're going to go on to something else. We get bored easily as a society."

Warner Brothers' attorneys issued an 11-page letter to Sheen's attorneys detailing why the company has grounds for firing the actor.

"They've cited so many additional examples about showing up late to work, not being able to memorize his lines, missing his placement on the stage," said ABC News legal analyst Dana Cole.

One Hollywood insider tells Eyewitness News that the show will go on without Charlie Sheen, possibly with Matt Dylan.

"What they're thinking about now is not so much a replacement for Charlie, but a new cast member that would portray Charlie's brother," said publicist Hal Lifson.

A Warner Brothers official said no decision had been made on the show's future.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.