Southland dries out after overnight showers


Monday night's rain didn't linger for too long throughout the Southland. Showers in Los Angeles County produced approximately one-tenth of an inch of rain in most places.

The overnight rain soaked a portion of the Fullerton Public Library that was under construction. Water leaked through the roof and damaged books.

Firefighters were called to the scene to prevent further damage, covering the bookshelves with tarps. Ceiling tiles also came down as a result of the rain.

Salvage crews boarded up parts of the building. At this point there isn't an estimate of the cost of repairs or whether the library will be open Tuesday for business.

Not only did most places get rain, a few areas also saw snow.

The weather in northern Los Angeles County was more impressive for this time of year, with about an inch of snow in Frazier Park. Higher up at the Pine Mountain Club, three inches of snow fell as well.

Snow in May isn't typically unheard of, but snowfall usually occurs more in the previous months.

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