Schwarzenegger mistress's family tight-lipped


Revelations about Arnold's Schwarzenegger's affair and secret child are taking a toll. Though family members of mistress Mildred "Patty" Baena are saying little, their comments indicate that they are surprised as the rest of the world about who the child's father is.

"It's so hard, I don't want to say anything. It is so hard for everybody already," said Miriam Pena, Baena's sister. "I don't want to say anything. I have said enough already."

It is a crisis they were not prepared to cope with. Baena's daughter, Jackie Rozo, limited her statement to defending her mother.

"My mom's a great woman. She is the most caring person you'll ever know," said Rozo.

Pena described being caught in the public eye in a bewildering set of circumstances: "It is really tough for everybody, so I don't want to say anything. I love her very much. I care for everybody."

"Arnold can make [the illegitimate son] an heir, but Arnold also has the right under California law to disinherit the child, but presumably Arnold will be generous and give the child something," said family law attorney Robert Nachshin.

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