Ratko Mladic's arrest sparks Serbian protests


Sunday supporters of jailed war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic clashed with riot police. The clashes began after a rally that drew at least 7,000 demonstrators, many singing nationalist songs and carrying banners honoring Mladic.

Mladic's supporters were demanding his release. About 180 people were arrested and 43 injuries were reported, mostly policemen.

Mladic is currently awaiting extradition to the international war crimes court in The Hague, Netherlands. He's charged with the 1995 massacre of approximately 8,000 Muslims in Bosnia- the worst slaughter of civilians in Europe since World War II.

Mladic's lawyers say the former general is so ill he won't live to see the start of his trial. They've asked for doctors to examine the 69-year-old, who is said to have suffered at least two strokes. But Bruno Vekaric, Serbia's deputy war crimes prosecutor, said Mladic is employing delaying tactics and that nothing should prevent his extradition.

Mladic was arrested last week after 16 years on the run.

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